We have been in the coffee business for the last 30 years. And it’s amazing to see how much this very old tradition is still changing. Old ways of making coffee are coming being brought back. And new ways are invented.

One of the big trends of the last year or so, is the cold brew coffee. This is remarkable because of two reasons:

  • Its simplicity and lengthy process seem so contradictory to our current lifestyle. Most improvements in the world can be seen as either an increase in complexity or a decrease in processing time. Cold brew coffee has neither of these! But still it is hugely popular with even dunkin donuts and the likes offering varieties.
  • The flavor is very mild. For a long time, good coffee was considered to be as strong tasting as possible. But cold brew is milder than any other type.

We quickly realized that this is the dawn of a different direction in coffee. One where the depth of the taste is the most important.

So with our new website, we are going to cater to this movement. Happy to have you on the train with us.

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