The Importance Of Grinding Your Coffee For Best Taste

The Importance Of Grinding Your Coffee For Best Taste

Do you want to get the perfect flavor in your daily cup of coffee? Do you want your coffee to have an aroma that can wake up anyone in an instant? Grinding the beans can help you create the best coffee and what’s great is that you can grind in a variety of ways to produce the exact result you want. Grinding your coffee increases its flavor, aroma, and color because it dissolves in water easily. However, the aroma of your coffee quickly goes away after 5 minutes, which is why it is recommendable to have freshly ground ones as much as possible especially for coffee shops.

Grinding your coffee is much like discovering more flavors inside a locked up vault.  Because these flavors are inside the cells, crushing down the coffee bean is the only way to break the cells down. The brewing process will also help to release the coffee’s flavor so you can taste them in your cup. Due to a coffee bean’s oval form, there’s a very tiny chance for the water to get the flavor of the beans. But through milling, the attack surface of coffee for the water increases which gives it a better way to extract the flavorful contents of the beans. However, the grind of your coffee must be suitable to what kind of coffee you’d like to achieve.

Grinders For Your Coffee

Antique coffee grinderAn old way of grinding your coffee beans is by using a mortar. But this technique will not give you a fine and uniformly sized coffee. If you want to have a cheaper alternative for grinding, a hand crank or fly cutter for the beans will work. Grinding manually is still the purest way to start your day, and many people find it makes their coffee taste better. Find the best manual coffee grinder at Bob’s (also see their about page: Bob Reviews Coffee Grinders)

For people who want to get the best-grounded coffee results just like in professional mills, using a burr coffee grinder or a disc grinding mill is a great option. Restaurants with espresso grinders usually use burrs. Burr grinding mills are typically larger in size. Flat grinding discs found on many espresso grinders are used by a lot of professionals these days. This grinding tool will give you less grinding time while also being more compact as well.

Grinding your coffee to the right size is essential to have the best results that you want. The sizes vary on what kind of maker you are going to use. Here’s a quick guide to the types of grinds that you can use for different makers.

  • Course Grind is used for French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Coffeemaker, and Toddy Makers.
  • Medium Grind is for auto drip makers that have flat bottom filters.
  • Medium/Fine Grind is used for drip makers that have cone shaped filters.
  • Fine Grind is also used for stove top espresso pots.
  • Super Fine Grind is for espresso machines.

The Aroma

Different grounds lead to different tasteThe inviting aroma of your coffee stored inside the cells is released by breaking them so that the aromas can react with the oxygen. A cup of coffee loses most of its aroma after approximately 15 minutes. If you want every serving of your coffee to have an enchanting smell, the only way to do this is through freshly grinding it before the preparation. For vacuum-packed coffee, the oxygen is removed from the packaging to avoid losing the coffee’s aroma. That is why consuming the coffee right after opening its packaging is recommended. Resealing your coffee tightly and placing the coffee bag in airtight containers is also advisable to avoid your coffee from losing its flavor and aroma.

Coffee is always one of the most important parts of your day. It is a great way of starting all the things that must be done. It gives you the relaxation that you need anytime and can also be a great drink while talking with an old friend. But preparing a great drink requires a delicate process to give you the best results.

Grinding your coffee gives you the optimal benefits that you’ll get in a cup. Different kinds of grinds will also give you different flavors. Make sure not to ground your coffee too much to avoid getting a bitter taste. Although the grinding process is not easy to master, it will all be worth it after you get the hang of it. Remember always to store your coffee properly as well to get the most out of it. Now that you know the importance of grinding your coffee make sure never to skip it again next time to enjoy more flavor in each cup.